Nomadic Archive 2012-

Ink drawings on paper derived from an ongoing project ‘nomadic archive’ in which I collect and find images related to the nomadic, sometimes solicited within specific projects and others by daily habit and internet searches.

“I'm curious about the multitude of ways that the nomadic occurs in contemporary(global) experience- including migrant labor, travel or relocation for work, spiritual engagement, as brought on by natural disaster or war and in its archaic/ traditional forms. I sense this figure is related to a feeling of precariousness shared by many, and at the same time is deeply desired. I also wonder about the places (and contradictions) where these conditions meet the more aesthetic, ethical and philosophical versions of nomadism as laid out by Rosi Braidotti, Miwon Kwan, Deleuze and Guattari.

The archaic notion of the nomad, as itinerant but following a pattern that has to do with sustenance, seems consistent with all the forms which it takes currently.

I keep the images I am sent as a 'sort of archive'. I also make ink paintings of them, which for me are a form of note-taking. They are titled with the subject of the image and the name of the person who sent it. Its a way of acknowledging networks of influential ideas and social relationships, the works chain of production and its own nomadic nature.” 2010

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