everyday futurism 2010

Installation of 32 works on paper At Kala Art Institute, Berkeley 2010

Everyday Futurism, is a set of collected phrases silkscreened onto loose ink paintings on brightly colored square paper, 19x19 inches each. The phrases come from different memorable exchanges which have stuck with me and evolved into guiding principles or questions about the state of things. Their repetition and editioning is complicated by the singular ink paintings, positioning them between the multiple and the one of a kind. They are hung salon style to resemble post-it notes and create a kind of public/private tension.

Fiction as Romance, for the artist Patricia Esquivias
Casting the Artist as a Ghost, for the journalist Tony Marcus
No More Skinny Jeans, for the acupuncturist Carol Lai Li Fong 
Strange Times Indeed, for the philosopher Rosi Braidotti