MAKING MIGRATION VISIBLE: Traces, Tracks & Pathways

October 5 – December 14, 2018

Opening October 5, 2018 5-8PM

November 29, 2018 Visiting Artist: Ranu Mukherjee Osher Hall, MECA, Portland 6PM

Institute of Contemporary Art, Maine College of Art and Design, Portland, ME

Begin,  hand woven carpet, AL_RUG Pakistan, commissioned by For-Site Foundation, 2017

Begin, hand woven carpet, AL_RUG Pakistan, commissioned by For-Site Foundation, 2017

Ranu Mukherjee : A Bright Stage

July 14, 2018 - January 20, 2019

For A Bright Stage, Ranu Mukherjee combines printed linen, embroidered silk, paint, and animation to metaphorically transform the museum's atrium into a grove of banyan trees. This tree, native to India, is sacred to people of diverse faiths, and its immense canopies define the outdoor meeting places that historically formed the social, commercial, and political core of many Indian communities. India’s national tree, the banyan is also a symbol of the country’s fight against colonial power. Mukherjee’s printed and painted images evoke these associations, drawing from collective and individual gestures of protest against the violation of human and civil rights.

Responding to the history and architecture of the de Young, A Bright Stage reflects on the cultural and spatial perspectives of the museum. In this work, the adjective “bright” applies to qualities both visual and auditory (a bright sound is one with high frequencies). Invoking the banyan's form and mystical and political connotations, the installation accentuates the atrium’s physical qualities and its role as a social gathering space.
“It feels like history is cracking open right now,” says Mukherjee. “I’m thinking a lot about the amplification of public voices carrying histories of colonialism and feminism… The de Young’s historically and geographically wide-ranging collection, with its colonial, nineteenth-century roots, is informing the trajectory of my work. It has the potential to talk back and slowly turn cultural perspective inside out.”



Ranu Mukherjee in conversation with Claudia Schmuckli, Curator in Charge, Contemporary Art and Programming
1–1:30 pm | Koret Auditorium, de Young

1:30–4 pm | Atrium, de Young


Ranu Mukherjee: A Bright Stage,  installation view, printed linen, embroidered silk, paint and animation, de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA, 2018. Courtesy of the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.

Ranu Mukherjee: A Bright Stage, installation view, printed linen, embroidered silk, paint and animation, de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA, 2018. Courtesy of the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.

Succession,2018 HD video, vinyl dance floor

Succession,2018 HD video, vinyl dance floor


June 23—December 30, 2018

Opening June 30, 2018 5-7PM


New commissions by Victor Cartagena, Ranu Mukherjee and Lava Thomas and a curatorial project by Lexa Walsh.

Di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art, Sonoma, Ca.




Beyond Transnationalism: The Legacies of Post Independent Art from South Asia

10 February – 21 February , 2018 ,

Opening 10 February 4-7 PM

Under the auspices of the 70-year legacy of India and Pakistan’s independence, Beyond Transnationalism showcases artists living in the United States of South Asian descent. The works in this exhibition assert new and complex aesthetic and geopolitical propositions that question, complicate and travel far beyond conventional notions of home, nations, and belonging. 

curated by Dr. Arshiya Lokhandwala 

All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society Gallery , 1 Rafi Marg, New Delhi    Open 11-7       






collaboration with Hope Mohr Dance

January 26, 7-9 PM

Echoing Sanctuary‘s ethos of plurality, the Sanctuary Salon series—a cornerstone of the exhibition’s public programming—will weave together the voices of artists whose practices span creative disciplines including spoken word, music, dance, and film. Invited guests will present and perform new or existing works that resonate with the thesis of the exhibition, allowing visitors to engage with and reflect on these themes in new and compelling ways.

Sanctuary Salon will be held at the Fort Mason Chapel on Friday, January 26th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Doors open at 6:30pm; the event starts promptly at 7pm      




October 07, 2017 – March 11, 2018 


The notion of sanctuary—both physical and psychological—has been fundamental in shaping a sense of selfhood and social identity throughout human history. But in an era of increasing global migration and rising nationalism, the right to safe haven is under threat, and the necessity for compassion is greater than ever. For its latest presentation of art about place, FOR-SITE invited 36 artists from 21 different countries to design contemporary rugs reflecting on sanctuary, offering visitors a multiplicity of perspectives on the basic human need for refuge, protection, and sacred ground.

For-site Foundation at Fort Mason Chapel, San Francisco              


Phantasmagoric, installation view, Arizona State University Art Museum

Phantasmagoric, installation view, Arizona State University Art Museum

September 23, 2017 – December 30, 2017 

Opening Reception: Friday September 22

The border wall is a frequent topic in today’s headlines, yet its history dates back to the turn of the century. After the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, there were calls for a fence along the southern United States border to deter Chinese immigrants from re-entering the country. As a result, most moved south and created their own communities throughout Latin America. This exhibition looks broadly at the influence of Asian labor and culture in the Americas with artists from Latin America, the United States and Asia, exploring the body and soul of forced migrations.

curated by Julio Cesar Morales and Xiaoyu Weng              


 Artists DRAWING CLUB: Five years, one night

Thursday September 14, 2017 

6:30 PM , Samsung hall, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

Photographer Quincy Stamper, who documented over twenty-nine Artist Drawing Club projects over the past five years, shares his unique perspective on the significance of this dynamic program series through an installation and conversation with artists. Michael Arcega, Julie Chang, Eliza Gregory, Ranu Mukherjee, Hadi Tabatabai, Weston Teruya and others join Stamper for a conversation about how museum practice needs to evolve to serve artists and the public in the twenty-first century. Stamper’s photographs of artists in their studios will be on view during the event. An informal mixer follows the discussion.              


May 18, 2017 – July 8, 2017 

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 18, 6-8PM

Conversation between Mukherjee and Saisha Grayson, Predoctoral Fellow at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. and the former Assistant Curator at the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum: Thursday, June 8, 6-7PM

Closing reception and performance with Hope Mohr Dance: Thursday, June 29th, 6-8PM Performance: 6:30-6:45, reception to follow              

In Conversation:

Surrealism and It's Legacy 

January 10, 2017
Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco 

Moderator: Jodi Roberts, Halperin Curator for Modern and Contemporary Art at the Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University,
Panelists: Ranu Mukherjee, visual artist and Associate Professor at California College for the Arts and Jonathan Parker, filmmaker.                


De Young Museum | Sprawl  

Open to the Public Wednesdays–Sundays, 1–5 pm
de Young | Kimball Education Gallery/Artist Studio

Shooting paris of people to hug while log rolling for new hybrid film                

Unruly City              

Dold Projects, Sankt Georgen, Germany

Exhibition: 23.10.2016 - 10.12.2016
Opening: 22.10.2016, 19:00

Unruly City premieres segments from a new 0rphan drift media project, also titled Unruly City, alongside selections of related work by 0D collaborators Ranu Mukherjee and Mer Maggie Roberts.