Mer Maggie Roberts     City In Fire And Mist 1.0 , 2015               Digital Print


Mer Maggie Roberts 

City In Fire And Mist 1.0, 2015             

Digital Print

0rphan drift
2015- ongoing

GIR is a project by 0rphan drift artists Ranu Mukherjee and Mer Maggie Roberts which reimagines the urban as porous, interspecies and terraformed- both ancient and impossible.

It is a search for visual and aural forms that can relate the strange, yet common, sense of touching the future in so many surfaces, and of deep changes occurring in front of our eyes. 

Intended to culminate in a 30 minute film, GIR is being built and released in pieces, iterations and investigations in multiple media. These include collage, video and animation, sound, actions and writing. The work engages though an amplified tension between the experiential and the speculative, pointing out their material co-existence.


“Everything moves into a liminal state, the fertile chaos called Change.”

Total I Ching, Myths for Change

Stephen Karcher, reprint 2009